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Pulmonary Function Laboratory


Pulmonary Function Laboratory

Pulmonary Associates of Fredericksburg employs 2 board certified respiratory therapists and one technician to perform a variety of pulmonary tests and O 2 walks.  Our lab uses state of the art equipment and follows American Thoracic Society Standards for testing and quality assurance.  We meet all Medicare guidelines for testing.

All studies are interpreted by on-site Board Certified Pulmonologists.

About The Test

Pulmonary Function Tests are to evaluate lung function and aid in diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases.    Walks are to evaluate need for supplemental oxygen.

Preparation For Test

For Pulmonary Function Testing we ask that you wear loose comfortable clothing,  avoid smoking several hours prior to test and use all regularly scheduled inhalers unless asked not to use  them  by your doctor.  Do not use rescue inhaler unless you are in distress.  Take all other regularly scheduled medications.  Avoid a heavy meal but do eat before the test.  Allow one hour for test.

If you are having a Walking Test, wear comfortable shoes without a heel.  Allow one half hour for test. 

The breathing test

We have 2 labs; in one you will be asked to sit in a box, the other you will sit beside the testing machine.  You will put mouthpiece in your mouth and a nose clip on your nose to assure that there are no leaks.  We will have you do different measurements such as deep breath, blow hard, hold your breath. Each measurement is short and you will rest between measurements.  You will be coached for each test by the therapist.  Some tests will be done before and after inhaling a medication. 

The walking test

You will start the test sitting to get resting values of heart rate and oxygen saturation.  If you presently use oxygen, it will be  removed under supervision to get a baseline saturation without supplemental oxygen.  We will walk “as far as you can” for 6 minutes.  If you use a walker or cane, you will use them during test.  If the oxygen saturation drops below 89% we will stop test momentarily and apply oxygen.  Walk will continue and oxygen will be adjusted to reach the setting that keeps your oxygen saturation above 90%.  At end of test you will sit and recover for 5 minutes.